About Our Company

SSC Foundations provides benefits to the students who willing to go for their higher studies. To earn the aids of scholarship, students have to qualify the test conducted by STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP & CAREER (SSC) FOUNDATION.

After all creativity and quality of education plays very important role for the growth of students and development of any nation.

The purpose of SSC FOUNDATION is to develop the creativity into the students mind from their childhood and skill to face the competition. By Keeping this in mind SSC FOUNDATION conducting “Creative Project Competition Programme (CPCP)” among the students in the schools from class 7th standard itself. The student who is willing to participate even if he/she is not belonging to the standard, he/she can participate in CPCP and enlighten their talent.

The winners of CPCP will be awarded as best Creative Project award and scholarship aids.

This program awarding some extra importance to those students who have not enough economical foundation for their higher studies. 

For the convenience of students all details about them will be taken from their online application forms.

The registration for the test will be done in online and offline mode. 

Application details are available on our website. Even all essential information has been provided on our website like important date and syllabus for both junior and senior school.Students should contact us in case of any further queries.

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